Mervin Smucker (2015). The relationship between the self-transcendence of human existence and self-actualization.

Logotherapy emphasizes that human beings are themselves responsible for actualizing the potential meaning of their own lives, regardless of the external realities or circumstances. As such, the meaning of life can be discovered in one’s direct interactions with the external world, rather than within the human psyche, a process that Viktor Frankl referred to as the „self-transcendence of human existence.“ As such, the more that an individuals’ focus is directed to something or someone outside the self (e.g., a meaningful, heartfelt encounter with another person), the more one is able to transcend the limitations of individual human existence and, paradoxically, the more self-actualized they may become. In short, self-actualization is viewed as a side-effect of self-transcendence.

Mervin Smucker